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  • A Day in the Life
It’s 9:30 a.m. on a Tuesday, in a community school where blind children are enrolled.

And it’s weekly Bible study time.

Into a vacant classroom come five blind students, ranging from eight to 13 years old. They greet Reynold, a RBI Bible study pastor who is on his first of three Bible studies for the day in this region. He has two communities to visit tomorrow, and three the next day.

  • A Day in the Life
There is hugging, laughing, handshakes, customary greetings of well wishes and “how are you?”s

Reynold speaks to each student, asking about school, siblings, family life, friends, the latest phase of the latest hobby or interest. How’s your little sister? What are you and your friends doing after school today? What are you reading? How was your math test? Did you have a nice visit with your grandmother on Sunday?

Then comes the Bible study proper: singing (in the Philippines, there is always singing involved), prayer over specific needs and praises, reading and studying the Bible (primarily Braille materials produced by RBI), discussion, questions, and application. Reynold asks and answers questions, offers counsel, encourages, jokes & laughs.

Before he leaves, Reynold follows up with the special education teacher with any questions, concerns, needs, or reports from last week. Did such-and-such Braille material arrive on time? How are these two particular students getting along?

Next week they will learn a new song, accompanied by Reynold on the guitar.

Then, for the students and teacher, it’s back to class. For most of them, the last hour constituted their only “church” experience until next week’s Bible study.

For Reynold, it’s on to the next – 20 miles away, which means a bus ride, a Jeepney ride, and a half-mile walk. He’ll do the same routine there – pastor a handful of blind students – and then at two more communities that same day.


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