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How Are Funds Spent?

  • How are Funds Spent
Q. What does a Bible pastor’s monthly support amount include?
Monthly support for a Bible study pastor is $650/month. This includes:
  • Travel (approximately half of support) – 50%
  • Bible study materials – 10%
  • Salary – 25%
  • Small snack for students – 5%
  • Administrative fee - 10%

    • How are Funds Spent
    Q. Why is travel nearly 50% of the monthly support?
    Most of our pastors travel extensively to reach the 700 blind Bible study students in their communities. They visit 8-11 communities in one week, covering hundreds of miles. And travel in the Philippines is no small feat. This is an island nation with far-flung villages and provinces. One day’s travel may easily include bus, boat, tricycle (motorcycle with side car), Jeepney (a distinctly Filipino combination of Jeep and taxi), and plenty of walking.

    Q. Do you have any other funding for these pastors?
    A local church partially supports one of the Bible teachers.

    Q. What if I can’t provide full monthly support for a teacher?
    Whatever monthly gift you provide will be combined with the monthly gifts of others until we receive the full sponsorship amount. Monthly support of a blind Bible study pastor could be an ongoing mission project of a Bible study group, small group, missions group, church, or other cooperative endeavor.

    Q. How do I give each month?
    When you select a Bible study pastor to help sponsor, your debit or credit card will be automatically drafted each month on the date of your choosing.


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