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Special Projects

If you would like to sponsor a specific current project to give hope to those who are blind – with specific start and end dates – you are in the right place. Look through the projects on these pages for details. Each of them contributes in a unique and significant way to help the visually impaired reach their fullest potential – spiritually, socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

You can help sponsor these projects as an individual or family. Or, your business, organization, or group (i.e., small group, Sunday school class, missions group, etc.) can adopt a project.

Any donation $10 and above will help provide a specific outreach to the visually impaired.

This sponsorship program is a ministry of Resources for the Blind International. We are a Christian organization devoted to serving people who are visually impaired. Our mission is to provide whatever assistance is needed in order for those who are blind to reach their fullest potential in life and ministry.


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