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Q. How do you find the children?

First, our field staff find them in the course of our various blindness programs.

Second, through referrals. Families, friends, teachers, and doctors will contact us when encountering children with vision problems.

And lastly, RBI trains thousands of volunteer community health workers all over the country. As these health workers conduct community eye screenings, they continually encounter children with serious vision problems, whom they refer to us for follow-up assistance.

Q. How will I know when the child I’ve sponsored has surgery?

You will receive email updates as there is progress in your sponsored child’s surgery process.

Q. What happens if the child is not able to have surgery?

In the rare case that the child is not able to have surgery, the donor would have the option of re-designating their donations to another child in need of surgery or toward another RBI blindness program.

Q. What if there are surplus funds left over from my donation after the surgery is completed?

Since there are many variables during the surgery process—such as evolving local partnerships on the field, fluctuations in exchange rates, etc., there may be surplus funds left over from your donation after the surgery is completed. In these cases, RBI will use those surplus funds to help additional blind children in our backlog database that still need sponsorships for their surgeries. With this approach, we are multiplying the effectiveness of your generosity.

  • FAQs
Q. What do I do if my credit card is declined?

• Make sure your card number, the expiration data, and the CVC are all correct as these are the primary factors used by your bank when they decide whether or not to process your donation.
• Make sure your personal information that you entered into your sponsor profile is correct and complete, i.e. first and last name, complete mailing address, etc.
• If you are still having problems making a donation, please contact your bank to have them authorize your donation(s) to Resources for the Blind (through Stripe—our credit card processor). Since banks are continually changing their fraud protection policies, your card may suddenly stop working, even if you have made a successful donation on our site before. In some cases, your bank may not contact you if they have put a hold on your card.
• Lastly if you still cannot make a donation, and if you have completed the above troubleshooting tips, please contact our office at blindsponsorships@blindusa.org or 907-202-5657.

Q. Is my donation tax-deductible?

Yes, for U.S. citizens. RBI is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt from our office after you make your donation. For those outside of the U.S., please check with your country's tax laws and codes concerning charitable gifts.

Q. Who does the actual surgery?

RBI partners with Filipino eye doctors and anesthesiologists at clinics and hospitals throughout the Philippines. Many of them offer discounted rates to patients we bring to them. They are highly trained licensed professionals.

Q. How can I help blind or visually impaired children who aren’t eligible for surgery?

There are so many ways! Most blind children are in fact already permanently blind or low vision due to other factors. For those, we provide every other needed service: inclusive education, early intervention preschools, school sponsorships, rehabilitation, counseling, school-based Bible studies, job skill training, summer camps…and, in everything, exposure to the gospel, spoken and demonstrated. Check out RBI's main website for information on these and other blindness programs and learn how you can help in many different ways.


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