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The Cost of Surgery

Q. What does the cost of surgery include?

  • How are Funds Spent
It includes doctor, hospital, and anesthesiologist fees, supplies, medications, laboratory fees, lodging, meals, transportation, and a small administrative fee.

Individual Pediatric Surgery
Typical Cost Percentage Breakdown

• General anesthetic medications 13%
• Anesthesiologist fee 18%
• Supplies and medications 22%
• Lab work 13%
• Transportation 10%
• Lodging & meals 11%
• Involved RBI staff costs 13%

  • How are Funds Spent
Q. Why does the cost include lodging, meals, and transportation?

The per capita monthly income in the Philippines is $210 per month. Many of these children live in far-flung locations throughout the Philippine islands, far from hospitals, and they may need to travel to distant cities for health care. The cost of travel, lodging, and meals can be prohibitive, especially when you include lost wages for the adult. We desire that nothing be an obstacle for these children having surgery, and so we include these costs.

Q. Why is pediatric surgery so expensive?

First, it’s only relatively expensive. Pediatric eye surgery in the developed West runs to several thousand dollars, not including transportation, lodging, or meals (three elements included in our costs).

Second, eye surgery on a child is a lot trickier than on an adult. Unlike adults, children require confinement and general anesthesia. They also require a much longer recovery time.

Third, RBI has actually pursued as much provision as possible so the cost is as low as it can be. We partner with anesthesiologists, doctors, hospitals, and clinics. We help the family obtain as much financial assistance as possible from the government-run health insurance. We seek aid from local mayors’ offices, local government units, civic groups such as Lions Club, and churches, vendors, businesses, and individuals who offer medicine, housing, food, and travel assistance.

Fourth, consider the cost of surgery against the cost of permanent blindness. Is it really so much then?

Q. How do you disburse the sponsorship funds?

Once the surgery has been completed, the funds are transferred from the U.S. RBI office to the overseas RBI offices for payment. We have found this is the best way for us to be 100% clear and transparent with both the overseas staff arranging the surgeries, and you our donors.


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