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Education efforts lead to two successful surgeries

  • Testimony

Christine, Jim and Chrislyn as well as their 7 siblings live with their parents on a remote island. Their mother, Loisa, noticed that three of her children developed cataracts at an early age due to discoloration in their eyes. At the time she did not know what was causing their visual impairments but could tell that their sight was not developing as it should be. Due to access issues and financial constraints there was no way for Loisa to help her three children.

Cataract surgery transforms family

  • Testimony

These pictures say more than we could ever write about Jessel. You can see the transformation on her and her mother’s face. This story gives us so much joy, we hope that it has the same effect on you!

Jessel and her family live in a remote village and at an early age her father left the family. Her mom began to work multiple jobs as a gardener, in a laundromat, and even farming. At the age of 3 her mother noticed that Jessel’s eyes were changing color and had a white film over the pupil.

Improved sight, improved quality of life

  • Testimony

“I used to worry about my son Lawrence before he had his eye surgery. As Lawrence could hardly see, going to school was a challenge for him. He had to be accompanied by his older brother who also has a physical disability. But I prayed hard and the Lord answered my prayers through RBI,” says Lawrence’s mother.

Sponsorships make surgery possible

  • Testimony

Klyde’s situation prior to surgery was not very hopeful. He was being bullied at school and his family was not hopeful about his condition.

Klyde nor his family had no idea what was causing his eyesight to be poor. While RBI staff was conducting school visits we were able to meet Klyde. We diagnosed his cataracts informing him that his sight was not lost and could possibly be restored.

The staff were able to convince them that surgery was an option no matter the cost because of donors like you who make it possible and that his vision could improve.


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