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Help Give Sight to Blind Children

More than 40,000 Filipino children suffer from blindness or low vision¹. Many of these children are needlessly blind.

  • Why Children's Surgeries
For around $1,000, you can help save a child from a lifetime of blindness.

When successfully treated for pediatric cataracts or other eye diseases, children can grow into adults with sight. And with every month that passes, their chances of improvement decrease.

But pediatric eye surgery is priced out of reach for most Filipino families. The per capita income in the Philippines is $210 per month² ; a surgery that costs around $1,000 is well out of affordable range for the vast majority of families.

So while these children are born into families who love them, they simply cannot afford the cost of restoring their sight.

Pediatric eye surgery – like all surgery – holds no guarantees. Sometimes the surgery is not as successful as we would all like.

But it would be inexcusable not to try.

Your generous gift, combined with the generous gifts of others, can make sight possible for these visually impaired children.

Your gift can help a child walk into the light.

¹Results of the 3rd Philippine National Survey on Blindness. Published by the Department of Health, the Institute of Ophthalmology, National Institutes of Health, and the University of the Philippines—Manila.
²World Bank


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